The Best Flooring Options for Every Room in Your Home


Flooring Options

Flooring choices in the home are based on lifestyle, looks, and function. Flooring in a home takes a lot of abuse. Chair legs scrape dining room floors; pets track mud through hallways, and entryways are home to piles of dirty shoes.

When considering new flooring, think about how the room is used before making a decision. Carpeting or hardwood that works in one room may not be ideal for the room across the hall.

Tile Floors

Experts agree that kitchens and bathrooms are no places for carpet. There are too many opportunities for spills and too much moisture. Carpets become nasty and are hard to clean. Tile floors come in many styles that will deliver the look that is desired. A bathroom can feel like a luxurious spa by installing tile with a radiant heat mat.

The water resistance of tile makes kitchens and bathrooms its ideal location. Dining areas subject to drink and food spills are also wise areas to install tile. It does not scratch easily. There are varieties that look like real wood. It also is great in homes with pets that might stain or scratch another flooring.


The most stylish option in high traffic areas is hardwood flooring. It can be swept or vacuumed quickly. An occasional mopping is all that is needed to keep it clean. Various woods offer the decorum desired in a room having hardwood flooring. Wood is like fine wine; it gets better with age. A beautiful patina develops over the years.

The best place for hardwood is in the living room. It is stylish and looks good. The traffic is not as high in the area as foyers so the finish is protected. Rugs somewhat muffle the noise that occurs when walked upon.

Garages and Patios

Outdoor patios and garages should receive the same consideration in choosing flooring. The ideal solution is an epoxy coated floor. Invigorate the patio or garage with a fresh, new look that beautifies the home and increases its value.

Patios and garages are often overlooked during restoration and remodeling. If you have a garage or patio in need of restoration or sprucing up, resurfacing with epoxy is a great option. The colors and styles available can add beauty as they provide grip during inclement days. Epoxy is very easy to clean. Ask the experts at Epoxy Floors Dallas for suggestions.