Why Epoxy Floors Can Enhance Your Home’s Look

Epoxy Floors Dallas

Epoxy Floors

Keeping garage floors clean and looking decent helps the feel and appeal of any home. An epoxy coat has garage floors looking like new. An epoxy-coated floor is much easier to keep clean than bare concrete. The benefits go beyond being easy to clean.

An epoxy floor changes a floor with embarrassing stains into a showcase. If selling the home is in the plans, taking buyers through an area with epoxy flooring will make them stop and marvel at the classy appearance. That flooring can tip the choice between your home and a neighbor’s, having sad-looking concrete, in your favor.

Realtors confirm epoxy floors not only add personal enjoyment and value for the homeowners but are selling points for a home. Some people feel it is a trivial upgrade. Those who like a clean garage and an attractive place to park cars know it is a valuable upgrade. There is also an implied value when a homeowner invests the expense and time to upgrade a garage floor. It is very likely the homeowner takes good care of bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Epoxy Flooring in Dallas

Epoxy Flooring in Dallas

Epoxy Flooring in Basements

Decorative concrete basement floors are a growing trend, especially in upscale homes. Epoxy flooring improves the looks of the basement and decreases allergies by the reduction of moisture contaminants. Installing carpet over an unheated or uninsulated concrete floor is not wise. Carpet is susceptible to mildew and mold.

It is a myth that carpet looks warmer and more inviting than concrete. Concrete with a rich earth tone stands out as the basement’s most attractive feature, and instantly, gives the room a warm appeal. A system of epoxy coating combines decorative, slip-resistant color chips and a solvent-based adhesive coating. This combination is far tougher than concrete paint or stain. The cost per gallon is more expensive than stain or paint, but covers more area and leaves an industrial-looking finish.

Epoxy Flooring in Interior Rooms

Avoid consuming new materials on a concrete kitchen floor by adding a sustainable epoxy finish. Epoxy is not just for garages and basements. Concrete that is sanded and sealed with epoxy looks refined in traditional living rooms and kitchens.

Layer the flooring with pretty fixtures, furnishings, and Oriental rugs. Make the choice look intentional and finished by adding baseboard. Care consists of a weekly mopping. The baseboards prevent a mop from leaving dirt behind in the crevice where the wall meets the floor.