Signs of Success

Epoxy Floors Texas and our local teams in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas all appreciate our customers.  We strive to provide quality work at affordable prices.

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Benefit of Full Chip Flake Broadcasts

We often are asked how we can add grip, or anti-slip properties into a floor coating.  Once common method is to use a full chip flake broadcast, meaning fully saturate the floor with chip flakes, and

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Budgeting for the Ultimate Garage Upgrade

Opting for a complete garage upgrade taps into an extra 200 to 400 square feet of space. It will also tap into your wallet. When budgeting for the upgrade, it is important to decide just what

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Why Epoxy Floors Can Enhance Your Home’s Look

Epoxy Floors Dallas

Epoxy Floors Keeping garage floors clean and looking decent helps the feel and appeal of any home. An epoxy coat has garage floors looking like new. An epoxy-coated floor is much easier to keep clean than

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3 Home Renovation Projects to Consider This Year

Home Renovation

Home Renovation Projects When making home renovations, projects that add value to the home are the ones to consider. Converting an attic to a bedroom, making minor kitchen remodels, and garage renovation are three projects that

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