How to Create the Ultimate Workshop in Your Garage

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How to Create the Ultimate Workshop in Your Garage

The transformation of a garage into the ultimate workshop is not the daunting task that one might think.  With a little money set aside, a clear vision, and careful planning, the garage changes from a storage center to a gearhead or handyman paradise.

Careful Planning

Know the amount of available space. If cars are to be parked in the garage, allow about 14 feet of width for each car. Added workbenches and storage will fit best in a garage that is about 24 feet deep. There is a lengthy list of things to consider that includes cabinets, counters, flooring, ventilation, cooling, heating, lighting, plumbing and electricity.

The above-mentioned items are the basics. Add-ons to the list depend on your definition of the ultimate workshop. Be creative. Match your personality and style to function and form. You might consider a theme such as a rustic appearance that uses aged wood for tables and cabinets, or stainless steel for an industrial look.

Your Vision

Be cautious about having too many items that can create a cluttered workspace. Too many items make work frustrating and present a safety hazard. Make sure all equipment and tools have a place to be stored. Ample and proper lighting is important. Do not operate dangerous tools and equipment in dark areas or tight spots. The entire garage should be illuminated, including above the workspace.

Durable surfaces are of importance. The workspace should be able to handle anything thrown at it. Your wallet will quickly be emptied if the material used on flooring wears down quickly. It is highly recommended to have the workshop floor treated with an epoxy coating that is durable and easy to maintain.

No matter the type of work you do in the workshop, overhead lighting, shelving, cabinets, and a sturdy workbench are needed. Purchase pre-made items or become creative and make your furnishings. If you plan to hammer extensively, avoid hardwoods such as red oak that have a tendency to splinter when subjected to prolonged impacts.

The Budget

The final result comes down to budget. If you are seeking the ultimate garage workshop, you are likely making an investment in yourself and your home. Set a budget that plans for the long-term. Everything you purchase does not have to be top-of-the-line in price and quality. Even a limited budget can create a dream workshop with the use of a little creativity.

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